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So you want to know how to organise defensive driver training for your company drivers. 

It can seem daunting – a real logistical nightmare. That’s why we’ve created this report for you.

We’ve answered all the questions you have about defensive driver training. 

That’s things like ‘How much will it cost?

You’ll find plenty of options to choose from inside this report, all designed to meet your budget and your needs.

You probably also want to know where the training can be held. 

Can it take place at your premises or do you have to come to us?   

The quick answer to that is our trainers will come to wherever you are in the UK. 

We’ll even train your drivers at their home base to save you money and time.

And you’re probably wondering who to train first. The answer to that is also in this report. 

We tell you how to identify high-risk drivers who are the ones who need immediate help.

And we reveal why you should do it now rather than waiting until after one of your drivers is involved in another traffic incident. 

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